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The World Bank in Russia
Russian Economic Report
June 16, 2010 the launch version
Amid heightened global uncertainties, Russia is experiencing a bumpy recovery.
Domestic demand is rising, but unemployment remains high, and credit and investment remain limited. The budget has benefited from higher oil prices, but
fiscal consolidation  remains important in the medium term.  Crumbling infrastructure, especially in transport, could  hamper the economy’s
competitiveness and longer-term growth prospects. The debt crisis in  Western Europe sharpens the downside risks to global recovery and oil prices. But  the
effects on Russia are likely to be blunted by its stronger fiscal and debt positions and by limited trade and financial links with the affected countries. Russia is likely
to grow by 4.5 percent in 2010, followed by 4.8 percent in 2011, as domestic demand expands  in line  with gradual improvements in the labor and credit
markets. Employment is expected to improve gradually, however, enabling some further reductions in poverty.

A Bumpy Recovery

I Recent Economic Developments  1
II Economic and Social Outlook for Russia 2010-11 15
III Special Topic: The Challenge of Monocities 21